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View or create a private Mistress gallery

A private Mistress Gallery at UK Adult Zone is available to all Dominatrix. It is a great way to share more intimate sessions and photos with subs and slaves. This is great for Mistresses and their stable of existing and potential subs and slaves who want to see more behind closed doors.

Let’s find out how it works.

We’ve got a Private Gallery option for Mistresses who like to share and connect with their subs and slaves using their profile on UK Adult Zone. When creating a profile on the UK Adult Zone, a Mistress has two Photo areas.

One is a Public Gallery and the other a Private Gallery. The Public gallery is available for all to view. It has a limited number of photo spaces available. So the Mistress will need to be sure you make good use of this space.

Photos really do sell services. It is vital that a Dominatrix has good pictures. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and pay out for a professional shoot. It just means you need photos that are genuine, clear and a sensible size. Within the public gallery, we do not allow what might be deemed ‘pornographic” photos. If you want to show such photos, then the Private Gallery is the right place, besides, you can even make money from it.

Setting Up A Private Gallery?

First, log into your account if you’re already registered on ukadultzone.com. You will see the menu in your Mistress Welcome Room.

You simply need to hover your mouse over Edit profile option and you will see the drop down menu, find option Photos.

Click the Photos link and add browse pics from your PC or phone.

Remember, that for public gallery, keep it clean.

Viewing Private Galleries

Let’s use an example. So, imagine a sub or slave wants to find either a Birmingham Mistress or Manchester Mistress and make a booking.

He looks through the photos, and if he finds a Mistress with a private gallery of photos, he will be told just how many of them She has uploaded.

However, he will not be able to view the photos yet.

If a client is interested in your private gallery, he can click and requests access.

The Mistress will have already set the period of time She can let him browse Her gallery.

The Mistress will also have set the amount of credits needed to worship and admire Her collection.

Uploading Photos to the Private Mistress Gallery

It’s always a good idea to add a description to your photos, it can be anything informative, or you can just write a little invitation for your clients.

Next step is to decide how many credits you want to receive, you fill in the amount of credits. If you don’t want to charge anyone for your photos you choose 0 and all registered members will be able to see your private photos.

Choose period of time for client to look through your photos, it can be 24 or 48 hours.

All earned credits will appear in Credits menu in Earned credits sub-menu. The credits earned can be used to upgrade a profile, buy more locations or take out advertising on the site.

If you are a Mistress, then login and get started now!

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